-module (demos_textbox_autocomplete).
-include_lib ("nitrogen_core/include/wf.hrl").

main() -> #template { file="./templates/demos46.html" }.

title() -> "Autocompletion".

headline() -> "Autocompletion".

left() -> 
    The <code>#textbox_autocomplete{}</code> element gives you a simple way
    to add autocompletion with options to a textbox element. It relies on
    JSON encoding, and expects your application to have two functions
    exported: <code>autocomplete_enter_event(SearchTerm, Tag)</code>, which
    is called as the user types and
    <code>autocomplete_select_event(SelectedElement, Tag)</code>, which is
    called when the user selects and element from the list.

right() -> 
        #label { text="What's your favorite programming language?" },
        #textbox_autocomplete { tag=auto1, minLength=1 },
        #flash {}

does_search_match(LangRec, SearchTerm0) ->
  %% We extract the label from the passed Lang "Rec" (which is just a proplist)
  Label0 = proplists:get_value(label, LangRec),
  %% And convert it ot lower case
  Label = string:to_lower(wf:to_unicode_list(Label0)),
  %% and also convert the SearchTerm to lowercase
  SearchTerm = string:to_lower(SearchTerm0),
  %% Then see if SearchTerm is contained anywhere in the Label
    string:str(Label, SearchTerm) > 0.

autocomplete_enter_event(SearchTerm, _Tag) ->
  Data0 = base_data(),
  %% Let's filter the list based on the SearchTerm
    Data = [LangRec || LangRec <- Data0, does_search_match(LangRec, SearchTerm)],

  %% Encode the Data into json for the autocomplete event. As you can see
  %% from the base_data function below, it expects each record to have an
  %% "id", a "label", and a "value". "id" is a short-hand identifier. "label"
  %% is what will be displayed in the dropdown, and "value" will be passed
  %% along with the "id", then decoded from json and sent to the
  %% autocomplete_select_event function as a proplist.

autocomplete_select_event(SelectedElement, _Tag) ->
  %% SelectedElement is a proplist
  %% Let's tell the user what we selected!
    wf:flash(proplists:get_value(<<"value">>, SelectedElement)),

base_data() ->
    [{id, <<"c">>}, {label, <<"C">>}, {value, <<"C">>}],
    [{id, <<"cpp">>}, {label, <<"C++">>}, {value, <<"C++">>}],
    [{id, <<"clojure">>}, {label, <<"Clojure">>}, {value, <<"Clojure">>}],
    [{id, <<"coffeescript">>}, {label, <<"Coffeescript">>} , {value, <<"Coffeescript">> }],
    [{id, <<"elixir">>}, {label, <<"Elixir">>} , {value, <<"Elixir">> }],
    [{id, <<"erlang">>}, {label, <<"Erlang">>} , {value, <<"Erlang">> }],
    [{id, <<"go">>}, {label, <<"Golang">>} , {value, <<"Golang">> }],
    [{id, <<"haskell">>}, {label, <<"Haskell">>} , {value, <<"Haskell">> }],
    [{id, <<"lua">>}, {label, <<"Lua">>} , {value, <<"Lua">> }],
    [{id, <<"java">>}, {label, <<"Java">>} , {value, <<"Java">> }],
    [{id, <<"js">>}, {label, <<"Javascript">>} , {value, <<"Javascript">> }],
    [{id, <<"perl">>}, {label, <<"Perl">>} , {value, <<"Perl">> }],
    [{id, <<"php">>}, {label, <<"PHP">>} , {value, <<"PHP">> }],
    [{id, <<"python">>}, {label, <<"Python">>}, {value, <<"Python">>}],
    [{id, <<"objc">>}, {label, <<"Objective-C">>} , {value, <<"Objective-C">> }],
    [{id, <<"ocaml">>}, {label, <<"OCaml">>} , {value, <<"OCaml">> }],
    [{id, <<"ruby">>}, {label, <<"Ruby">>} , {value, <<"Ruby">> }],
    [{id, <<"scala">>}, {label, <<"Scala">>} , {value, <<"Scala">> }],
    [{id, <<"swift">>}, {label, <<"Swift">>} , {value, <<"Swift">> }]