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1 Base Action

In object-oriented parlance, all Nitrogen actions are subclasses of the base actions. This means that all Nitrogen elements can use the attributes listed below.


module - (atom)
The module containing the logic for this action. Set automatically.
trigger - (atom)
The id of the Nitrogen element that will trigger this action. Set automatically.
target - (atom)
The id of the Nitrogen element to be referenced by obj('me'). Set automatically.
actions - (list af actions)
A list of actions grouped within this action.
show_if - (boolean)
If set to true, this action will be rendered. Otherwise, it will not.
dependency_js - (URL string)
If this attribute is set, before this script is run, the specified URL script will be downloaded and executed. This is useful when an action or element will not function without first downloading a necessary jQuery plugin or otherwise to the page, but it saves in bandwidth since it doesn't download the dependency until it's needed.

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