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1 Clear Validation Action - #clear_validation {}

This action tells Nitrogen to remove the validation requirements from the page. It can remove validators en masse.


wf:wire(#clear_validation{ validation_trigger = my_button }).


validation_target - (Nitrogen ID)
Validation target is the ID of the field (textbox, dropdown, etc) that's being validated. Set this to remove validations from specific form fields (ie, fields that are being removed during postbacks).
validation_trigger - (Nitrogen ID)
Validation target is the ID of the element initiating the validation (ie #button{} or #link{} elements). Set this to have all validations triggered by that element removed.
validation_all - (Nitrogen ID)
This is the nuclear option for removing validation. Set this to any Nitrogen element to have any validations connected to this element removed, either if this element is the trigger or if this element is the target.

Wiping all validations from the page

This element can also be used to wipe all validations from all elements on the page. This is done by simply leaving the above three fields blank (or setting them to undefined).

For example:

wf:wire(#clear_validation{}). %% Wipe out all validation on the page

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