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1 Console Log Action - #console_log {}

This performs a safe console.log() call to print something some text or Erlang terms to your browser's javascript console. If your browser doesn't support console.log(), the call is ignored.


%% Sending text
wf:wire(#console_log { text="Some text" }),

%% Sending erlang terms
wf:wire(#console_log { text={some,random,<<"Erlang">>,"Terms"} }),

%% Convenience method
wf:console_log("Some text to send to the console"),


text - (string or Erlang term)
If text is a string, it'll simply print the text to the console. If it's an Erlang term, the terms will be converted to a string and sent to the browser.

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Author: Jesse Gumm (@jessegumm)

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