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Advanced Nitrogen Guides and Tools

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1 Advanced Guides and Tools

jQuery Mobile Integration
Nitrogen's Mobile elements and how to use them.
Nitrogen Paths
Understanding Nitrogen's element selectors for wiring, querying, CSS, and jQuery selectors.
Making a REST Handler
With Nitrogen, you can build a simple REST handler module. Here is everything you need to know about it.
Smart Extensions
Smart extensions allow you to create alternate entry points into page modules based on the extension of the request. This is useful for adding things like .json handlers, or .csv, or whatever.
Automated Testing
Nitrogen has a built-in testing system for testing your application both on the client and server, as well as the interaction between the two.
Plugin System
Nitrogen is easily extendable with plugins. This is a guide for both adding plugins, and also creating your own.
Embedding Nitrogen into an existing application (external)
If you have an existing Erlang application, this guide will walk you through adding a web-based front-end to it using Nitrogen's embed script.
Deploying Nitrogen on Heroku (external)
A step-by-step guide to making your Nitrogen app Heroku-ready.

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