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Nitrogen Restful Elements

Table of Contents

1 Overview

Restful elements introduce the possibility to create forms that don't depend on AJAX/Javascript. This is sometimes useful, for example if you want to provide a fallback option when a client does not support javascript or sits behind a firewall that filters active content.

2 Demo

Check out the RESTful Forms Demo

3 How it works

Restful requests work a little different compared to the rest of Nitrogen. They don't use the event mechanism. Instead you have to render the reply either on a different page or check if wf:q(restful_method) is set to "post" or "get" depending on the method of the form. Form elements that don't rely on javascript are useable in restful_form elements. The elements that are supported are described below.

Each control within a #restful_form{} element will submit its Nitrogen id as the name of the field, unless overridden by specifying an html_name on the restful elements.

4 Replaced and new elements

New Elements

Replaced elements

Some elements are replaced with restful_ counterparts:

5 Supported elements

6 No support for validators

Validators are not currently supported for restful_submit actions, so be sure extra sure to check your inputs.

7 Example

case wf:q(restful_method) of
  "post" -> [
      % this is code is executed after the submit button was pressed

  _else -> [
      % this code is executed when restful_method is "get" 
      % or undefined

      #restful_form{id=restful_form, method=post, body=[

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