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1 Sync Panel Element - #sync_panel {}

The sync_panel element produces an HTML div which is hooked directly into a comet pool and immediately updates itself with the latest data when certain trigger messages are sent to that comet pool.


#sync_panel {
  triggers=[{my, trigger}],
  body_fun=fun my_body/0


pool - (Erlang Term)
The name of a global Nitrogen comet pool.
triggers - (List of Erlang Terms)
A list containing trigger messages which when broadcast to the comet pool will trigger an update and redraw via the body_fun attribute.
bodyfun - (Function with arity 0)
A function which returns Nitrogen elements.

Assisting Function

element_sync_panel:refresh(CometPool, Trigger)
Trigger a refresh on all #sync_panel elements connected to the specified CometPool and which also has the specified Trigger listed in its triggers attribute.

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