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Articles and Talks and Presentations

January 2016

Raspberry Pi GPIO interface with Nitrogen

December 2015

Full-stack Nitrogen hosting platform launches beta

October 2015

Nitrogen with Heroku (slides in French)

April 2015

Video: Roman Galeev: Erlang and Nitrogen Web Framework [Slides]

November 2014

Mostly Erlang episode about Nitrogen

September 2014

Video: Building Web-Scale Applications with Nitrogen [Slides]

July 2014

Deploying a Nitrogen App on Heroku

June 2014

SimpleBridge Talk at Chicago Erlang User Group [demo project]

February 2014

Simple Realtime Synchronization with Nitrogen's #sync_panel Element

October 2013

Erlang and Web Scale Panel (Chicago Erlang Factory Lite)

September 2013

Introduction to Erlang Web Frameworks (Milwaukee Functional Programming User Group) [Slides]

Why Nitrogen Plugins?

August 2013

Embedding Nitrogen into an Existing Application

June 2013

Taming Erlang's New Slim Releases for Nitrogen

April 2013

N2O, an experimental fork of Nitrogen featuring Websockets

March 2013

How to build a live datagrid with Nitrogen

How to draw graphviz graphs with Nitrogen

February 2013

How Nitrogen processes requests Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

January 2013

Proper password hashing with Erlang and Nitrogen

How to use HTML5 History API with Nitrogen

December 2012

How to create custom Nitrogen elements using Tabs control as example.

How to set up a Nitrogen project by hand, by manually specifying the dependencies

September 2012

IEEE Internet Computing, The Functional Web: The Nitrogen Web Framework

January 2011

Following the Nitrogen Tutorial

December 2010

Nitrogen 2.x presentation at the Chicago Erlang User Group [Code]

March 2010

Erlang, Nitrogen and automatic rebuild. (

December 2009

Erlang Web Development with Nitrogen (

October 2009

Tristan Sloughter's Nitrogen Presentation at Chicago Erlang User's Group - Part 1, Part 2 and the use of Nitrogen

July 2009

Build Your Next Web Application with Erlang - IEEE Internet Computing Magazine,

Using DTL Templates with Nitrogen (

June 2009

Advanced Nitrogen Elements (

Rusty presenting Nitrogen at Erlang Factory in London -

Embedded Webapp on Freerunner (

May 2009

Creating Custom Nitrogen Elements (

Erlang Factory 2009 Review (

April 2009

Nitrogen Presentation by Ngoc Dao

Rusty presenting Nitrogen at Erlang Factory in San Francisco -

Seethrough and Nitrogen -

January 2009

A Simple Web App using Nitrogen (

December 2008

Erlang Web Development Frameworks (

5 Minute Blog Using Nitrogen and CouchDB (

Nitrogen (

November 2008

Release of Nitrogen web framework (, French (orig.)

October 2008

Interview on Nitrogen Web Framework (

Projects on Github

Raspberry Pi GPIO Web Interface - See and update the status of the various pins on your Raspberry Pi.

RISE (by Sovereign Prime) - An ambitious open source project to create a fully peer-to-peer, distributed, masterless collaboration and project management tool. [SovereignPrime Homepage] - Homepage source code for CoBug, the Colorado BSD User Group [Homepage - Sliderl a simple markdown slideshow server written with Nitrogen and Reveal.js - Nitrogen-based drawing game (like Pictionary) made for Spawnfest 2011 - Homebrewing and beer lovers webapp written in Erlang and using Nitrogen, Couchdb and Mnesia. - A simple user login example. - Basic To-Do list app in Nitrogen

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