DEMOS / HTML Encoding

HTML Encoding can be done a handful of different ways, including customized encoding methods. On some elements, such as #span{}, you can use the html_encode property to encode the text a certain way.

html_encode can be either of true, false, whites, number, or a function of arity 1

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With HTML Tags: <b>Lorem ipsum</b> dolor sit amet, <i>consectetur adipiscing elit</i>. Proin vestibulum tempor gravida. <u>Aliquam et tellus vel sapien molestie aliquet.</u> Proin eget dui libero. With BBCode Tags: [b]Aliquam sollicitudin[/b], nibh eget posuere feugiat, [i]nunc velit pharetra risus[/i], eget laoreet neque metus at nibh.
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