Custom Server-Side Validator - #custom {}

Attach a custom validator, written in Erlang, to an element. The validator will be executed on the server during a postback.


   % Function to validate that a value is either upper or lower case,
   % depending on the value of Tag...
   F = fun(Tag, Value) ->
     case Tag of
       upper -> string:to_upper(Value) == Value;
       lower -> string:to_lower(Value) == Value
   % Wire the validator in upper case mode...
   wf:wire(ButtonID, TextBoxID, #validate { validators=[
     %% If we wanted to validate lowercase, we could change
     %% tag to 'lower' and it would execute the 'lower' clause
     %% in the case statement above.
     #custom { text="Must be uppercase", function=F, tag=upper }


  • text (string) - The text to display if validation fails.

  • function (fun) - An Erlang function that returns true if the value is valid, false if invalid. (fun(Tag, Value) -> true | false)

  • tag (Erlang term) - Tag value is passed into the custom validation function.

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