Mobile Collapsible Element - #mobile_collapsible {}

This element produces a jQuery Mobile Collapsible Content Element


   #mobile_collapsible { 
      header_text="See my favorite movies",
            #listitem{text="Big Trouble in Little China"},
            #listitem{text="Dumb and Dumber"},


  • header_text (string) - The header text of the collapsible. This is the text that will be clicked on to expand or collapse the content

  • content_text (string) - The text content of the element.

  • content_body (Nitrogen element or list of elements) - Set the element(s) that will be rendered within this panel.

  • header_theme (atom) - Set the jQuery Mobile swatch letter for the header.

  • content_theme (atom) - Set the jQuery Mobile swatch letter for the content.

  • collapsed (boolean) - Set to true to have the element start collapsed, false to start open. (default 'true')

  • mini (boolean) - Set to true to render the collapsible in a smaller, more compact form.

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