Mobile Grid Block Element - #mobile_grid_block {}

This element produces a block element for a container Mobile Grid Element.


   #mobile_grid { 
         #mobile_grid_block{ text="Row 1, Cell 1" },
         #mobile_grid_block{ text="Row 1, Cell 2" },
         #mobile_grid_block{ text="Row 2, Cell 1" },
         #mobile_grid_block{ new_row = true, text="Row 3, Cell 1"},
         #mobile_grid_block{ text="Row 3, Cell 2"}


  • new_row (boolean) - Set to true to short-circuit the automatic row/column layout and for the grid to start at the next row down.

  • body (Nitrogen element or list of elements) - Set the element(s) that will be rendered within this block.

  • text (string) - Set to the text of the block, instead of specifying Nitrogen elements.

  • html_encode (boolean|whites|encoding fun) - Set to true to have the text safely html encoded (default: 'true'). Set to 'whites' to also encode whitespace. Set to a function with arity 1 to have the contents encoded using that function.

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