Role Handler

Roles in nitrogen have a specific meaning. A user may have multiple roles, which will likely enable certain functionality of the site. It's analogous to a user having multiple groups associated with his/her Unix account.

In Nitrogen, roles are accessed by the wf:role functions.

The default role handler (like the default user handler), uses the Nitrogen session variables for tracking the roles.

Behavior Functions

init(Config, State)

Initialize the role handler

  • /Return Value/ - {ok, NewState}
finish(Config, State)

Clean up the handler

  • /Return Value/ - {ok, NewState}
get_has_role(Role, Config, State)

Checks to see if the current user has the specified role enabled for his/her session.

  • Role - The role to check. Can be any erlang term.

  • /Return Value/ - true or false depending on whether or not the user is is in the specified role.

set_has_role(Role, IsInRole, Config, State)

Sets the role status for a particular role for the current user

  • Role - The role to set the status

  • IsInRole - The boolean true or false. true will enable the role for the user, false will disabled the role on the user.

  • /Return Value/ - {ok, NewState}

get_roles(Config, State)

Retrieves the list of all roles currently enabled for the user.

  • /Return Value/ - The list of roles
clear_all(Config, State)

Clears all roles from the current user

  • /Return Value/ - {ok, NewState}


Here is the complete text of the default role handler

-module (default_role_handler).
-behaviour (role_handler).
-export ([
-define(KEY, {default_role_handler, roles}).

init(_Config, State) ->
    {ok, State}.

finish(_Config, State) ->
    {ok, State}.

get_has_role(Role, _Config, _State) ->
    Roles = wf:session_default(?KEY, []),
    lists:member(Role, Roles).

set_has_role(Role, IsInRole, _Config, State) ->
    Roles = wf:session_default(?KEY, []),
    Roles1 = Roles -- [Role],
    case IsInRole of
        true -> wf:session(?KEY, [Role|Roles1]);
        _    -> wf:session(?KEY, Roles1)
    {ok, State}.

get_roles(_Config, _State) ->
    wf:session_default(?KEY, []).

clear_all(_Config, State) ->
    wf:session(?KEY, []),
    {ok, State}.

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