Checkbox Element - #checkbox {}

The checkbox element produces an HTML checkbox.


   #checkbox { id=checkbox1, text="Check Me", checked=true }


  • text (string) - The checkbox's label.

  • html_encode (boolean) - Set to true to safely html-encode the text.

  • label_position - (/'after', 'before', or 'none') :: Set the positioning of the provided text label relative to the checkbox itself. If set to 'none', no text label will be rendered at all. Default: 'before'. (Note: after is a keyword in Erlang, so you /must/ ensure you wrap the after with single quotes like 'after').

  • postback (Erlang term) - If set, clicking on the checkbox will initiate a Nitrogen postback with the supplied term.

  • checked (boolean) - True if the checkbox should be checked.

  • value (string) - The value that will be posted if checked. The default HTML behavior is the string "on"

  • html_name (string) - The name attribute of the checkbox.

Special Note about HTML, Checkboxes, and Nitrogen posbacks

In HTML Forms, a checkbox element is only submitted if the checkbox is /actually checked/. Nitrogen follows this pattern in its postbacks, which might be undesirable in certain situations. To alleviate this, there is a plugin called always_checkbox, which always submits. It has not been rolled into mainline Nitrogen yet, as its still in an experimental stage (basically trying to get the API right).

#always_checkbox on Github

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