Textbox Element - #textbox {}

The textbox element produces an HTML textbox.


   #textbox { id=textbox1, text="Some text.", next=textbox2 }


  • text (string) - Set the textbox's contents.

  • html_encode (boolean) - Set to true to safely html-encode the text.

  • maxlength (integer) - Specify the maximum number of characters that can be typed by the user.

  • size (integer) - Specify the width of the textbox in characters. The HTML Default is 20. Keep in mind, CSS Rules will override this setting.

  • disabled (boolean) - Set to true to disable this textbox in the browser (sets the HTML disabled property, effectly greying out the element). Can be dynamically re-enabled with wf:enable(ElementID) or wf:wire(ElementID, #enable{}) (Default: false)

  • readonly (boolean) - Set to true to make this element readonly in the browser. Can be toggled with wf:wire(ElementID, #make_writable{}) and wf:wire(ElementID, #make_readonly{}).

  • placeholder (string) - Sets the placeholder text (text that will be in the textbox until the user focuses in the textbox). This uses the HTML5 placeholder attribute, which is only supported in newer browsers. To add support for older-browsers, you will need to link a placeholder script in your template. You can do this by adding the following to your template inside the <head> section after loading jQuery.

   <script src='/nitrogen/jquery.placeholder.js' type='text/javascript'></script>
  • type (atom|string) - Sets the input box "type" attribute. This is especially useful for taking advantage of the newer HTML5 values for this. It can be any of the following: search, email, range, url, tel, number, date, month, week, time, datetime, datetime-local, color, as well as the original HTML attributes, text, button, submit, image, and hidden. (Default: text)

    About HTML5 Input Types

  • next (atom) - If set with a valid control ID, pressing the enter key in the textbox will automatically move focus to the specified control.

  • postback (Erlang term) - If set, pressing the enter key in the textbox will automatically initiate a Nitrogen postback with the supplied term.

  • html_name (string) - The name attribute of the textbox.

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