Radio Element - #radio {}

The radio element produces an HTML radio button.


      #radio { name=fruit, text="Apple", checked=true },
      #radio { name=fruit, text="Orange" },
      #radio { name=fruit, text="Banana", value="banana" }


  • body (Nitrogen element or list of Nitrogen Elements) - Radio button label either in HTML or Nitrogen elements.

  • text (string) - The radio button's label.

  • html_encode (boolean) - Set to true to safely html-encode the text label.

  • value (string) - The value to be submitted for this radio button in postbacks if it is selected.

  • label_class - (\atom, string or list of atoms and strings) :: A class applied to the connected <label> element if text or body are provided.

  • postback (Erlang term) - If set, clicking on the checkbox will initiate a Nitrogen postback with the supplied term.

  • checked (boolean) - True if the radio button should be checked.

  • name (string) - The name attribute of the radio button. If this is not contained within a #radiogroup{} element, then name must be specified, as name determines the "group" of the radio buttons (that is, when one member of a radio group is selected, the others are unselected).

  • html_name (string) - The name attribute of the checkbox. ( This does essentially the same thing as the name attribute, but is semantically different for use with the RESTful elements, as all RESTful elements shre the html_name attributes. If you're not sure, just use name)

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