RESTful Upload Element - #restful_upload {}

The button element produces an HTML input element that has type attribute 'file'. The input element represents a file-choose dialog. When the restful_submit element is clicked, the chosen file will be uploaded to the server. To fetch the content of the uploaded file, You first have to get the request-bridge by calling 'wf_context:request_bridge()'; after that you have to query for the uploaded file by searching the elements returnd by 'post_files()'.


   #restful_upload { id = upload, text="Go!" },
   %% later on return 
   Req = wf_context:request_bridge(),
   UploadedFiles = Req:post_files(),
   %% ...


  • text (string) - The button's title.

  • html_encode (boolean) - Set to true to safely html-encode the text.

  • html_name (string) - The name attribute of the restful_upload

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